The right technology solution for your business …

… with the right skills and experience to support it.

Gone are the days where IT was considered just a cost center, and has transformed into an integral and essential tool for every business. Ensuring that the right IT solution is in place is key to a solid infrastructure plan.

Having confidence that your network was designed and implemented with a high level of expertise and top-notch components is critical to present and future success for any company. Our staff of IT engineers is made up of qualified and experienced network installers, with years of experience developing and implementing IT infrastructures and providing support for both cloud and on-premise systems and services.

With advanced feature sets and minimal maintenance, cloud initiatives continue to be pursued by companies of all sizes.

No matter if you have (or are planning to have) Cloud services, On-Premise systems, or a combination of both, Nevtec can provide the right tools, technology, and team!

Cloud Solutions

Nevtec cloud solutions improve service availability and lower costs. The savings from cloud solutions allow your company to focus on more important business aspects rather than being committed to providing your own solutions.

Cloud solutions reduce maintenance fees, overall energy costs, and have no additional hardware costs for upgrades in the future. Solutions can be accessed anywhere – at the business or working remotely from home. Data security and backup solutions are also recommended, in case of a natural disaster, data loss, or hacking.

Is Your Business Cloud-Ready?
Nevtec can provide network and systems analysis to determine if your business has the bandwidth, reliability and security to access cloud services. We review your applications, data and infrastructure and recommend strategies for cloud migration. Contact Us Today to find out more!

We offer several different cloud solutions, including cloud backups, hosted email, and our firewall monitoring solution.

Nevtec offers remote management and monitoring of your SonicWall firewall. We can monitor the status of your unit in real-time and supply firmware updates as they are released. Unlimited configuration changes are also provided at no additional cost. In addition, Nevtec can (optionally) manage the relationship with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), to help ensure that you have the best possible connectivity and Wide-Area Network performance.

Nevtec can implement a cloud backup solution perfect for any size business. Your data is securely backed up to the cloud to avoid issues of catastrophic server failure, malicious actors and natural disasters. To optimize bandwidth usage, the backup solution supports continuous or scheduled backup modes. The fastest path to recovery in a Ransomware attack is known good, secure, off-site backups.

Are you looking to migrate away from on-premise Exchange servers to Microsoft Office365? Nevtec has developed sophisticated procedures to move your existing email solution to Office 365 with little or no down time for your users. In addition, Migrating to Office365 can allow your company to consolidate and manage all of your Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Teams, and more …) into a portal that is accesible anywhere, anytime.


Our cloud email solutions will ensure you have speed and dependability while only paying for what you need. With no hardware or maintenance costs, hosted solutions have become a cost-effective alternative.

To help you secure your e-mail, check out our CyberSecurity offerings!

On-Premise Solutions

In some cases, legacy systems and services are not viable candidates for a Cloud Migration. Your particular set of business circumstances may mean that moving doesn’t make sense yet. Perhaps moving data off the premises may compromise your compliance responsibilities or it doesn’t make sense financially. In these situations, Nevtec has you covered – we provide remote and on-site support for the entire IT estate, including servers, desktops, and mobile devices.

Having the most advanced and secure e-mail systems has become an important factor for an efficiently run business. Microsoft Exchange Messaging provides a cohesive and highly effective solution to keep your business communications running smoothly. For a complete collaborative messaging solution, Microsoft brings the best technologies together to unify communication between your corporate office, remote offices, and field work employees.

Our years of experience bring unsurpassed expertise for a value-added Microsoft Exchange implementation or migration. We can also fully manage and administer your current Exchange server on your premises. Let us help you implement your next solution!

Not having a good backup plan can be catastrophic to your business in the event of a failure or cybersecurity breach. Nevtec offers a wide selection of backup options, including cloud and local backup solutions. Some of the solutions we offer include single or combined implementations of Cloud Backups, On-Premise Disk backups, or even hybrid/custom implementations that fit your IT needs. Developing a backup and restoration plan should be the first item on any IT Strategy list.

Are you looking to consolidate your servers? We have extensive experience with top virtualization implementations such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Scale. We’ll provide a smooth transition to your virtual environment while increasing stability and lowering overall costs of physical server management.

Nevtec offers complete phone solutions for any size business. Our phone systems incorporate all standard telephony technologies with additional features for the least cost. Our partnerships with leaders in the telephony sector allow us to provide the best telephony product knowledge and solutions for your business. Nevtec can install and configure several multi-tiered competitive telephony systems – one just right for your business needs.

Whether you are looking for VOIP, Key Driven, Digital or Hybrid systems, we can implement it!

If your business is moving to a new location or you are adding a remote office, we can help. Nevtec will engineer the network infrastructure at your new location and plan everything to ensure minimal downtime. We will coordinate with your moving service, handle the dismantling of your existing servers, establish internet and phones at your new location and set everything back up for you.